Articles, Calendars, Bulletins, and Newsletters can be found by the month by following this link to a Google Drive Folder

Emmanuel Lutheran in Adell, Wisconsin, has made the transition to a mobile-friendly website that will be easy to navigate and update. The logo and images taken from church integrate beautifully into a design that will last many years without need for major adjustments, growing with the church and its members.

This website was built by Brian Jaeger with Luthernet Web Design. Luthernet gives back to Lutheran churches by providing top-notch website design at a fraction of the cost of most website builders. Small businesses can find similar value with Passive Ninja Web Design.

If people at the church learn how to use a Content Management System like Wordpress or Joomla, the websites can be maintained properly. However, if they never log in, never learn how to edit, and never add content, they will complain about how static and stale the site is, and it will be their own doing, but they will blame the original web designer or whoever hired him and then move on to some other option which will result in similar non-updates to the website.